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Anker Hostel

Phone: +47 22 99 72 00
Fax:     +47 22 99 72 20

Room types

We have approx 50 rooms all year around, with 250 beds. In the summer, we have a lot more, since we use some student apartments next door.

All our rooms have a private bath room with WC and shower. You only share with those in the same room.

You have to make your bed yourself. Either you bring your bed linen with you, or you rent it in our reception.
Sleeping bags are not allowed (Sanitary reasons).

We aim to provide separate gender dorms as long as there is availability.

Our Single Rooms

You will stay alone in a twin room

Our Twin rooms

Two single beds.
Sometimes you will get a room with more beds, but they will be empty.
You have to book the whole room

4 bed dorms

6 bed dorms

8 bed dorms